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Finding a Home - for a debut novel

I’m delighted to announce that my women's fiction novel Finding Home is now out! It was published on 1st April 2016 by Aria (Head of Zeus). The novel the story of the trials and tribulations of Amy Wood: a down-on-her-luck former literature professor who gets a job as an estate agent. As Amy embarks on a quest to save a crumbling mansion called Rosemont Hall, she finds herself embroiled in the secrets of the past, and an epic battle between her head and her heart.

I loved writing this book – which is a good thing, since it took me over six years. Back in 2012, the opening chapters were short-listed in the ‘Undiscovered’ Competition at, and it was this tiny kernel of success that kept me going through the seemingly endless rewrites, rejections, misdirections, crisis’ of confidence, and ultimate hard graft that is the key to getting any debut novel published.

And now, I hope you’ll forgive me a little ‘Oscar’ moment as I have so many people to thank for their support over the years. First, my writing group: Ronan Winters, Chris King, David Speakman, Francisco Gochez and Lucy Beresford. The writing group has been going for ten years now (in various incarnations), and we’ve laughed, argued, cried, and drank an awful lot of red wine. I have no hesitation in saying that without you, this novel never would have ‘found a home’. Second, I’d like to thank my agent, Anna Power, for sticking with me through the ‘lean years’, and introducing me to the amazing Caroline Ridding at Aria (Head of Zeus) who had a ‘vision’ for the novel, and the courage to back an unknown horse. Thanks, Caroline!

Next, it goes with saying – which is why it’s so important to say it! – thank you to my family – the unsung heroes. It’s not easy living with a writer, especially not one with a full time job and three young children. Love and thanks to you all.

Finally – heartfelt thanks to my current and future readers of Finding Home. For us writers, there is nothing more satisfying than introducing our beloved characters to an audience. It’s you that truly brings them to life.

I hope that you enjoy Finding Home, and stay tuned for Finding Secrets in 2017!

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