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Musician on Beach


Moonlight on the Thames 

is the story of a love that triumphs against the odds, and in spite of dark secrets from the past.

If you want to listen along to the music that is referenced in the book, I have put together a playlist, which is set out below and also on Spotify. 


My Mother's Silence

Skye Turner is coming home after fifteen years, but what will she find?

For My Mother's Silence, I wrote a number of original songs in the Scottish tradition, that I hope I will someday be able to record. In the meantime, I have put together a playlist on Spotify if you wish to explore some of the wonderful Celtic music that inspired this book. 


Moonlight on the Thames

Music plays a starring role in this haunting and emotional romance. Discover the music that inspired Dmitri & Nicola's love story. 

  1. Prelude in C Sharp Minor (The Bells of Moscow) by Sergei Rachmaninov

  2. Nocturne No. 20 in C Sharp Minor by Frederic Chopin

  3. Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight) in C Sharp Minor by Ludwig van Beethoven

  4. Fantaisie Impromptu #4 in C Sharp Minor by Frederic Chopin

  5. Pictures at an Exhibition (for solo piano) by Modest Mussorgsky

  6. The Firebird, Berceuse (version for piano) by Igor Stravinsky

  7. Piano Concerto in A Minor by Edvard Grieg

  8. Claire De Lune by Claude Debussy

  9. Ain’t Misbehavin’ by Fats Waller

  10. Let me call you sweetheart by Leo Friedman and Beth Slater Whitson

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