Some things you can never escape. I should know. I’ve been running away for fifteen years, and now I’m right back where I started…  

Skye Turner’s family fell apart the day her twin sister Ginny died. Everyone in their tiny community in the Scottish Highlands accepted it was an accident, but more than one person in town is haunted by a secret from that night...

Skye left after the funeral, believing her mother blamed her for Ginny’s death. Skye should have taken care of Ginny, should have been there to stop her falling from the cliffs that night. Over the years, she’s barely spoken to her mother, until the day she receives a phone call asking her to return home.

As soon as Skye arrives in her childhood home, she knows something isn’t right. Her mother has kept the bedroom she shared with her sister like a shrine, Ginny’s clothes and diaries gathering dust, as though her mother thinks Ginny might come back. And there are whispers in town that Ginny wasn’t alone when she died.

Skye is desperate to find out the truth, but her mother just wants her family back together. As Skye begins to unravel everyone’s lies, she realises the truth might tear her family apart for good…

My Mother’s Silence is a twisty and emotional novel about the bonds between mothers and daughters, and what happens when we hide things from those we love the most. Fans of Diane Chamberlain, Liane Moriarty and Kerry Fisher will be gripped.

Moonlight on the Thames

Worlds collide when two strangers meet at Waterloo station. It's a moment they'll never forget. Perfect for the fans of Milly Johnson. 


Christmas is a joyous time, but not everyone is merry and bright. 

Nicola is a rising star at the top of the corporate ladder, but her personal life is a disaster. Her office affair has lost its allure, and the last thing she wants to think about is Christmas. A night of cancelled trains and festive Christmas carols at Waterloo Station is just about the last straw... 

Dmitri loves conducting his pop-up choir during the festive season, meeting people, and spreading joy and cheer around London. But he carries deep secrets from his past that robbed him of his dream to become a concert pianist. 


Can their hearts and souls be unlocked by music and moonlight and will they discover the healing power of love?

Book trailer

"A beautiful story about having a second chance at love"

A must-read for summer - a heartwarming story of love and second chances. Perfect for the fans of Jane Costello and Milly Johnson. 

Lizzie Greene is about to lose everything when her husband suddenly dies and his debts come to light. 

To make ends meet she opens up her quirky old house to be used as a set for a film based on a bestselling romance novel. Her life and household are turned upside down when a whole cast of colourful characters enters her family's lives: from an enigmatic author, a handsome location scout, a brooding director, to a heart-throb leading man, never mind her now ex-mother-in-law camped out in her drive. 

As Lizzie delves deeper into the film's book, all is not as it seems. 

Will her desire to save her house and unravel the secrets of the past lead to new love, or to mortal danger?

"So much more than just another romance novel"

Alex Hart finally has the job she’s always dreamed of: managing a historic home that’s open to the public. Although fishing nappies out of toilets, scraping chewing gum off of antique tables, and being arrested under false pretences was not exactly what she had in mind, she loves her job – most of the time. She undertakes to host an exhibition of ‘Fashion through the ages’ and discovers something in the lining of an old coat – a mechanical locket shaped like a bird. She embarks upon a quest to discover its history that leads to the London Blitz, the courts of imperial Russia, and a scandal that could cost her not only her job, but also her heart.





"A brilliant feel-good read"

Amy Wood knows what it’s like to find her perfect home, along with the perfect boyfriend and perfect job  – only to lose them in one poorly-aimed throw of a mobile phone. Her life in ruins, she returns to her parents’ tiny bungalow in Somerset, and reluctantly takes the first job on offer – at an estate agents. But one phone call changes everything. She gets the instruction to sell Rosemont Hall, a crumbling Georgian mansion that’s riddled with woodworm, dry rot – and secrets. As Amy searches for the perfect owner who will save the house from developers, she begins to uncover long-buried pieces of the past that some people would rather remain hidden. In her battle to save Rosemont Hall, Amy finds that it’s her heart out on the front lines.


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