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My Mother's Silence
A gripping page turner full
of twists and family secrets!

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A twisty and emotional novel about the bonds between mothers and daughters, and what happens when we hide things from those we love the most. Fans of Diane Chamberlain, Liane Moriarty and Kerry Fisher will be gripped.

Worlds collide when two strangers meet at Waterloo station. It's a moment they'll never forget.  


Christmas is a joyous time, but not everyone is merry and bright. 

Nicola is a rising star at the top of the corporate ladder, but her personal life is a disaster. Her office affair has lost its allure, and the last thing she wants to think about is Christmas. A night of cancelled trains and festive Christmas carols at Waterloo Station is just about the last straw... 

Dmitri loves conducting his pop-up choir during the festive season, meeting people, and spreading joy and cheer around London. But he carries deep secrets from his past that robbed him of his dream to become a concert pianist. 

Can their hearts and souls be unlocked by music and moonlight and will they discover the healing power of love?


Praise for Moonlight on the Thames:

“An absolutely enthralling book that I will long remember.” Claire140 (amazon) 


“Beautiful and haunting romance of two broken people who make each other whole at Christmas time.” Erika S (amazon)


“I have literally fallen in love with this book, was a truly wonderful heartfelt read from start to finish. It was so much more than a romance story…” Nessa (amazon)


“Author Lauren Westwood has a stunning command of this world she’s crafted, and the result is a novel that reads almost operatic. These characters and their lives are heightened, and their trajectories soar just like Dmitri’s music. Overall, this is a hauntingly beautiful novel.” Christopher H (Netgalley)


“Be prepared to get hooked by these two main characters who aren't what they seem on the outside!” Maggie (amazon)


“This is one where you'll actually feel emotion on the page.” Kathleen G (amazon)


“A fabulous Christmassy and romantic story which I must say is so much more than just a fluffy read.” Caoimhe Q (Netgalley)


“I just adored this book. It was such a pleasure to read. Superb plot, characters and imagery, such a beautifully written book. Highly recommended 5*”  Sibzzreads blogspot

Discover the magic of music and moonlight

and the healing power of love...

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Available now - ebook and paperback

Two women, two secret heartbreaks...

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Two DNA tests...

One big lie...

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